Wednesday, 30 April 2014

More jet-lag, more Canadian

Back from the holidays, with a damn headache that has been hammering my neurons since I left for Italy. Oh, the joy of jet-lag, that made my holidays really miserable!
My slept was totally messed up for the first 10 days at least, which made me sleep an average of 3-4 hours a night.
I became very soon an intractable, nervous and overstressed person who probably made my family regret to have me back home.
In other words I discovered the perfect formula for bad holidays: how to get back to work from your vacation even more tired and stressed than you were when you left.

While in Italy I didn’t really enjoy much social life, as I don’t even know where my friends hang out now (assuming that they still hang out). A talk with a couple of people I knew was enough to remember me how sad and depressing can be there, especially if you are looking for a proper job.
I am aware I’m getting more and more disconnected from my home country: I watched the news on TV distractedly, as if I was in a hotel room of a foreign country, passing there and feeling no connection at all with that temporary place.

The return flight was less traumatic then I could imagine: unlike the last time the immigration officers didn’t seize me for an interrogation, searching for evidence of something strange in the underwear  I had in my baggage. In fact when I showed my passport and work permit at the security control, the officer just said: “Welcome back”. A sign that I’m becoming more Canadian and less Italian? The only problem is that the jet-lag passed the control as well and followed me.

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